Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dear Maxwell

Dear Maxwell,

Next month you will be turning 2 and I'm already churning out the usual one liners about how fast the time goes. I can scarcely believe you're turning 2 already, yet at the same time, it feels as if you've been here forever.

You are oh so stubborn and you don't like authority. You were always going to be this way. No offspring of your Father and I was ever going to be a passive observer. You always manage to succeed in getting me to change my mind, when I've said 'no' to something. I don't like that, but you're so unbelievably persistent and you wear me down. There's only so many tantrums I can handle in a day.

You pick some real doozy moments to have a meltdown. You hate me holding your hand to cross the road and you often throw yourself down in the middle of the road. When I try to stand you up, you pull the old jelly legs manoever, so I have to scoop you up and carry you, whilst avoiding oncoming traffic. You don't do this to your father.

You're a social little butterfly and you love to make people laugh. It's one of my absolutely favourite things about you. It's when you're playing the clown, that I see myself in you the most. I think these pictures say it all.....

Tissue box foot

It's bath paint. (baby Dexter)

I was changing your clothes at the beach, you did a runner when you saw a train and paraded around like this.

You crack me up

Yes darling, that's a fantastic mess you've made. 3 cheers...

Jim's Cleaning

This is not how we use the DustBuster.

The Tin Man

You try so hard to help out around the house. You love to sweep, vacuum, wipe down benches and brush my hair. In actual fact, you spread the crumbs all around the kitchen when you sweep and doink me on the head when you brush my hair, but I always say thank you because you've tried so darn hard to please me. You grin proudly when I do.

You really enjoy seeing me flustered, you laugh hysterically when I'm angry. If I say "no" or tell you to stop doing something, your eyes light up. Then you'll repeatedly do what I'm asking you not to do, until my brain explodes.

You absolutely adore any type of reaction, so lately I've tried my best to keep my poker face on whenever you're trying to incite me. To complete strangers, it must look as though I don't discipline you. How are they to know that 'discipline' only reinforces the exact same behaviour we're trying to ameliorate?

Your immune system still hasn't recovered from the treatment you had in 2011 and you get sick all the time. You were the youngest known person in the world to have the treatment you had and the doctors have no idea when your immune system will recover. You've become very adept at blowing your nose, if I say the word 'boogers'. You also blow boogers at inopportune moments, ie. no darling, I said give Nana kisses not boogers.

In June 2009, my universe was blown apart when I saw this....

I'd never been so afraid in my life.

You were 6 weeks old when we saw you for the first time

My perfect little jelly bean

At 20 weeks, we discovered you were a little boy and mumma breathed a sigh of relief.

My first view of 'Mr Righty'. I could never have known, how ironic this picture would later come to be.

The doctors said you were 'Macrosomic' (ie 'really big'). We jokingly called you baby Shrek and I was freakin terrified of giving birth to you.

It's been nearly 2 years since I first held you....

....and ever since that day, I've wondered how I ever lived without you.

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  1. That last time tipped me over the edge... I'm crying!
    Happy Birthday Max - you are an amazing little man and even though you probably already know it - you have the best Mumma in the universe x

  2. Max makes me laugh so much for a little man I've never met!