Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dear Parliament. Babies have special needs too

I've been thinking lately that I don't have enough things to do or worry about. So, I've decided to embark upon a little bit of disability reform. Just a wee bit of trying to change some legislation, in my spare time.

*apologies for the sarcasm

My first appeal with Centrelink has failed. We are not eligible to receive carers payment for Max. Even though I've now submitted 3 bonus reports from our OT, PT and Neuro-Developmental Therapist.

Centrelink now knows damn well that Max has needs far greater than the 'average' baby. None of that matters because all babies need full time care.

It doesn't matter that Max needs an intense daily therapy routine. The onslaught of medical appointments we need to attend doesn't get taken into consideration either. It isn't important that I can't work more shifts, and who cares about the additional costs of private therapies and therapy equipment? Not the Australian Government.

Why? Because Max is a baby and babies don't have special needs. All babies need full care.

The words 'has shown improvement' indicates that Max mightn't have a permanent impairment. Even if those words are followed by 'however' or 'only because of'. Apparently permanent brain damage mightn't be permanent if you show some improvement. No-sir-ee. Because all babies require full time care.

It's actually become a matter of principal now. Our story is not an isolated case, there are plenty of other families waiting for their babies to exhibit significant massive delays before our Government will help.

The optimum time for rehabilitation following a brain injury is between the ages of 0-3. The optimum time for stroke rehabilitation is in the first 12 months. But all babies require full time care, regardless if almost half their brain is irreversibly damaged.

Just your average, run-of-the mill, baby in a coma pic

There are people all around Australia sitting on their plump rear ends, drinking VB, paid for by the Australian Government. It's easier to get financial assistance for a drug addiction than for a baby with special needs.

I'm not giving up this fight, because the current system is a god damn joke. Onwards to Parliament I'll march (ok, I'll drive but march sounded more dramatic) to try and make a difference in the lives of families of babies with special needs.

My first step is to raise awareness. Can you help me share this post? Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, email & whatever else is out there. If you have any ideas or suggestions that might help this campaign then please drop me an email (

The Australian Government doesn't recognize babies with special needs. But mark my words, they will.

I love you Max xxx


  1. i'll do what i can to support yours & Max's cause Faith. Shylie X

  2. What about an online petition that we can then use our networks like facebook etc to promote?

  3. Amber&Zaiden8 February 2012 at 10:15

    are there any free online petitions? Anything you need let me know! Kick some ass mama!!!

  4. That's a great idea, thanks!! I don't know the first thing about setting one up though. How do we start?

  5. You have my support!!! Very well said! God Bless you and Max and lets force some governmental common decency to prevail! LindaMB xx

  6. There seem to be some a lot of free petition sites that come up if you do a google search, like:

  7. Sorry can't type a sentence straight (lack of sleep because of baby brain). You get what I mean though!

  8. get A Current Affair involved to hun. Utter bullshit! THese dick's have no idea what its like to have a child with special needs, if they did they'd be the first ones to scream blue murder! Sharing NOW!

  9. I'm a friend of Bec Brough's who until now has been a 'lurker'. I read your blog on my iPhone from time to time and, if I'm honest, I'm too lazy to type comments on it (and often am at a loss as to the words to write...)
    My mum isinvolved in a petition to reinstate Take a Break funding and they used too.
    I'd also suggest approaching either Sunrise or Today to see if they'd do a segment on the issue.
    I enjoy reading your blog. It brings tears when I read of the struggles and smiles when I read of the achievements, even though we've never met. I pray for you after I've read the posts too. xo

  10. Hi.

    I'm happy to pay for a domain name and set up a website using WordPress (just like Blogger) for you if that would help.

  11. Anthony, that would be magnificent! I've sent you an email. I only have an iPhone, so I'm quite limited and I'd really be grateful for some IT support!

    Thank you Trish, I'm a blog lurked too! There is now a petition online- if you look at the top right of this page, there's a heading that says 'babies have special needs too', if you click on the link it'll take you there ;-)

  12. Just read the whole of your blog from start to finish. Wow. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs. What a hard journey you're on. He is such a super cute dude! I truly hope you get help on this issue.