Thursday, 9 February 2012

Make some noise

To make people stand up and listen, I need to make some noise. I suspect though, that since changing legislation is kind of a big thing, I will need to make a a lot of noise. The Government needs to know that people care. One angry mum can't do it alone.

I am contacting my local member of Parliament. Someone gave me the awesome idea to harass the oppositional parties and key independents as well. I've contacted various media outlets and hoping they pick this up.

Some have suggested an online petition, so I am looking into this. I've contacted organizations that drive policy changes and social reform.

Yesterdays post ( has been viewed over 700 times, in less than one day. That's more than any other post I've ever written.

I'm not sure exactly what the next step is. I'll hopefully have some leads by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I am asking for YOUR help to make some noise. Maybe you know people in the media you could contact, maybe you don't and you could contact them anyway. Maybe you have connections in social reform or disability advocacy. Maybe you have some pots and pans you could bang out the front of Parliament.....

Please help me tell our Government, that babies have disabilities too. Families shouldn't have to wait for them to become 'more disabled' before they're entitled to Government assistance.

Share this post on facebook, twitter, email and anywhere else that I don't know about. Keep your suggestions coming (my email is

If enough people, make enough noise, we can make a difference.

Did someone say, "bang some pots and pans?"....

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