Tuesday, 1 May 2012

No Fight in the Dog

If you didn't already know, I've been lobbying to the Government to review the legislation pertaining to Carer Payments. The current assessment tool makes it virtually impossible for an infant with special needs to qualify. Only 100 infants per year, Australia wide qualify, leaving thousands of families struggling.

So far, I've raised awareness through the media and I've spoken to a representative of Jenny Macklin (Federal Minister for Disability Reform. I've sent emails to opposition ministers and independents. I've repeatedly emailed various departments of Carers Victoria. I've spoken with the Social Security Legal Service on a few occasions. I've appealed to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal and failed.

Early in this campaign, I was advised to make myself endearing to the Politicians. No swearing & no nasties. But a few weeks ago I finally let loose. I emailed Jenny Macklin and her useless henchman Peter McLean. I told them how disgraceful and disgusting they both were.

A few days later, I got an email from another of Jenny Macklins hench(wo)men. It was 2 and a half pages long and basically said 'too bad, so sad'.*

*This is not a direct quote

The Government see's no problem within the current system. The system was reviewed by lots of medical professionals and carers, so it must be ok. What bothers me the most is their arrogance and unwillingness to consider there might be a gap.

I fired back another email to Jenny Macklin and I didn't swear.

Meanwhile, I've appealed our case to the next level. I know that appeal will also be rejected because these tribunals don't have the power to change legislation. The only way that can happen is through the Federal Court & that comes next.

This battle stopped being about money a long time ago. It's about principle. But, to be honest, I'm tired of fighting. It shouldn't have to be this hard

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