Thursday, 31 May 2012

Red Spot Day

Exactly one year ago today, we noticed little red spots on Max's face. I can't say much about that day, for legal reasons but I want to issue my own public health warning.

I've declared May 31st 'Red Spot Awareness Day'. A petechial rash looks like pin prick sized blood blisters. The telltale sign that a rash is petechial, is when it doesn't blanch (turn white) when pressed. If you can press a glass against the rash and still see the spots, it's petechial.

Petechial rashes must never be ignored. It is commonly associated with Meningococcal, Leukemia and (in Max's case) Severe Thrombocytopenia.

I hope that someone might read this and seek medical attention before it's too late. A few days after the rash emerged our little boy was on life support.

If only we'd known what we know now.

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