Thursday, 20 September 2012

Go on, say it. I dare you.

I don't assimilate well with the mumsy crowd. For the sake of convenience, I usually attribute that to Max's stroke. The truth is though, I find most of them rather boring. I'd much prefer the company of a homicidal paranoid schizophrenic, then a Jersey Shore loving, Fox FM listening, fashionista. I'm not exaggerating.

Max is a social butterfly, he isn't the least bit shy and he likes to stop to chat with anyone he meets. Especially pretty ladies. So, I often find myself making small talk with the very people who would normally erk me to tears. "yeah he's cute....18 months....yes he is very he didn't get that from me....yes his smile is gorgeous". Surprisingly to anyone who knows me well, I kinda enjoy it. I like meeting new people when I'm out with Max. I love how toddlers have no pre-conceived ideas about someone's personality based on race/religion/clothes (etc). I absolutely adore their lack of understanding about social norms. What I love the most though, is his attention span, "yes darling that person is quite dull, let's move on shall we?".

Today, we were at a play centre and I was dutifully following Max, making small talk with some slightly upper class mumsies. I struck up a conversation with one mummy, and instantly fell in love with her brutal honesty. Instead of the usual pleasantries, that send me off to snoozletown, we had a refreshingly honest chat about how annoying our kids were.

In the 5 minutes we spoke, we shared forbidden secrets. The type of things you don't openly admit to most people or they might dob you in to CPS. Things that make you feel guilty because you think you're the only mother who thinks them. And you know what? It felt goooooood.

We all love our kids more than any words can describe and I haven't met a parent yet who would have life any other way. But in those 5 minutes a load was lifted off my shoulders, I told that lady, things I don't tell many people. Who's brave enough to join me? Let's all cut the fluff for a moment and be flipping honest. I promise you, it feels fantastic.

My son is 18 months old, he's cute, he's blonde and he has a wicked grin. But you know what?

He is annoying as hell.

Yes, you're very clever darling, now stop.....hey, don't throw my bra in the rubbish bin and for the love of Jebus would you STOP chewing on my undies??!

Love you baby xxx

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  1. Hahaha...yep, know how you feel. My son was quite nice for a while. I could take him anywhere. Now, at almost 13 months Mr Hyperactive/Bossy/Demanding/Easily-bored/It's-Mine/Wont-Sleep-when-I-tell-him-to has arrived. It is easier to stay home half the time. When around other kids he is bossy and steals their toys and wants to push them over, and I feel embarrassed by him, and then so guilty at how embarrassed I am. Then he smiles at me as if I am the best person in the world and all is forgotten.