Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June 2nd, 2012. One year on.

On Saturday, it was June the 2nd. Exactly one year ago since Max's stroke. It was a bittersweet day, one where I felt so much pride in what we've achieved but also sadness. There are things that will always haunt me from that day. The drilling into his shin, the fear of losing him and the look we got, when we followed Max up to PICU. You know, 'the look'? It's the one people give you when your baby is being wheeled around, surrounded by doctors and hooked up to life support machines. The 'look' that clearly says "I'm glad I'm not you right now".

But, I was determined to replace some sad memories with some happy ones. So, off we trudged to 'Cheeky Chinos' for a super awesome breakfast. Cheeky Chinos is a cafe actually designed for parents with toddlers. The menu is kid friendly but not trashy, the staff are nice about toddler mess and they have a play area specifically designed for toddlers. Best part? There are qualified staff in the play area, so that mummy can have a coffee in peace (rather than 'in pieces'). Here are some pics......

Max sussing the place out

Cushy and toddler proof!

Not too sure what this was but Max seemed to like it

It was super clean too

ooh tubes with stuff in them

Fancy change table with fancy lotions. They also had 'bottom mist' so his tooshy smelt like lavender

Finished off with a 'Rainbow Cino' and a muffin. He threw the rainbow Cino at some people walking in the door.

On the way home, I don't know why but I had to stop here....

This is the spot where I illegally parked, when I arrived at the hospital last year. It was here, when I picked him up and realized he wasn't sleeping, he was unconscious. On that day, I held my limp little baby and ran like I've never ran before. But, on this day? I stood there for a moment, and thanked my lucky stars that we didn't lose him. Then, we drove away and didn't look back.

P.S. Today, Max's blood test results were PERFECT for the first time ever ;-)

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  1. Congratulations on passing this difficult milestone. I can't say I know how you feel or what you have or are going through, but I know the significance of a milestone. I felt that impeding dread leading up to and on the first year anniversary of my dad's death. For me, that point after which I stopped the 'this time last year he was...' I choose not to acknowledge that date anymore.

    All the best to you. I might look up that cafe. It looks awesome.

  2. Marnie, it's interesting you say that because I was wondering if the years to come would be so difficult. I suspect, the first one will be the hardest. We'll wait and see.
    Highly recommend Cheeky Chinos, pricey but well worth it. I only left Max in the play area for 10 minutes but they were an amazing 10 minutes. I finished breakfast without rushing, drank my coffee while it was still hot and went to the loo in peace. Plus, I didn't have to clean breakfast mess and crawl around picking up slobbered toast. Bliss!!