Friday, 29 March 2013

Maxwell turns 2- part 1

It's official. My baby is 2 years old. A few days ago, amidst just a little fanfare, Max celebrated his 2nd Birthday. This year, I felt none of the sadness I felt on his first birthday, it was all pure, unadulterated excitement. Of course, the day didn't quite go as I planned, but a few vodkas at the end of the day, solved that. Allow me to share with you, some highlights.....

A few days before Max's birthday, we went through his presents to remove all of the ties securing toy to box. Anyone who's ever tried to separate a toy from it's packaging can attest to how challenging it is, especially when your child is nagging/whining/screaming. We have learnt the hard way (like most parents I suspect) to remove all cable ties in advance. We had made a pact, we wouldn't go overboard with the presents......


We also completed a battery inventory and made sure we had stocked up before the big day. The night before his birthday, we filled the loungeroom with balloons, streamers and presents after he had gone to bed. His reaction the next morning was more of bewilderment, than excitement.....
                                                    I'm sure he's thinking, "what the.....?"

                                                               This one first Mamma?

I wanted to make him a really special birthday breakfast, but I totally suck in the cooking department, so I bought 'shaker' pancake mix. Usually, my pancakes turn out rubbery, crispy or raw, so I googled 'how to make the perfect pancakes' and followed every instruction to the letter. I was so proud of my fluffy little stack....
        He SCREAMED when I served them up and pointed at the toaster. He wanted toast.

His birthday lunch was scheduled for 1230 at our favourite cafe in Melbourne- Cheeky Chinos. Herein laid a slight dilemma. Max usually goes down for a nap around half 12, and that was the only time I could schedule lunch. I had two choices (1) Take him to his usual music class in the morning and pray like hell, he'd sleep in the car; or (2) Have a quiet morning at home and pray like hell, he'd last until 3pm without a nap. I knew whichever option I chose, it'd be the wrong one. I changed my mind a gazillion times until finally (at the 11th hour), I decided to take him to music.

He had a great time at music. He played with his friends, he danced, he did his first Easter Egg Hunt and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him....

He was exhausted by the end of the class and I was reasonably confident, he'd nap on the way to lunch. He didn't. By the time we got to Cheeky Chinos, he was a screaming, highly agitated mess (Note: next time let someone else make these decisions so Mumma doesn't beat herself up)

It's always a little disappointing when you've put some effort into organizing something, but it goes nothing like you planned. I'll admit, I felt totally deflated and couldn't enjoy myself, whilst he was so miserable. I think his facial expression says it all in this pic....

                                                          Glares angrily from the sidelines

This is probably the best photo of him, from the entire party....

                                                 It's my party and I'll sleep if I want to

The cupcakes I'd ordered from Burnt Butter, looked and tasted phenomenal!

But, this is what Max thought of them.....

                                                                 Ungrateful sod

We finished off the afternoon, with a visit to Max's cousins Kate and Shevaun. The girls are so lovely with him, he adores them and I think this picture says it all....
                                                          I nap here, on my cousin

At some point on the drive home, I managed to get one decent photo of my birthday boy.....

It was an early night for Mister Maxwell and I got my 734pm cuddle, the exact time he entered the world, 2 years ago.

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us celebrate Max's birthday, as well as everyone who sent cards and birthday messages. We are blessed and humbled to have so many people on 'Team Max'.
                                   Happy Birthday Maxwell Hendrix, you are my everything.

(The very next day, I found my first grey hair. Coincidence?)


  1. If it's any consolation, Toby's second birthday party went pretty much in the same downward direction. He napped through the first half of it, he cried through the happy birthday song and by the end of the song my dad was yelling at my husband. The whole thing was awkward and horrible.

    1. Katie, that is so funny, I almost snorted coffee out my nose! Glad we're not alone in slightly crappy 2nd Birthdays ;)

  2. Oh and Happy Birthday MAX!!!