Saturday, 30 March 2013

Maxwell turns 2- part 2

A certain little guy turned 2 last week, a milestone which was celebrated over 2 big days and subsequently, 2 blog posts. If you missed part 1, you can read it here
The second celebration, saw us hitting the road and trekking over to the other side of the city, to a country town called 'Emerald'. This is where a century old steam locomotive called 'Puffing Billy' runs from. Except, on this particular day, the train was being pulled by *drum roll*...... Thomas the Tank Engine! Max is such a boy, he loves planes, boats, cars, motorbikes, diggers, tractors (etc) and trains. I was (cautiously) certain that a day out with Thomas would make up for the previous day.

The look on his face, when he saw the real life Thomas, was priceless. I've never seen him run so fast.

There were photo opportunities...

An animal farm...

In the Goose's defense, Max started it

A jumping castle....

And (of course), a big long train!

You come here often?

Just hangin' out with my Great Grandpa Maxwell Senior

Max was so over-awed when the train ride started, he promptly burst into tears. It didn't take him long though, to fall in love with the entire experience....

My parents had arrived early that day, so they 'reserved' us the best picnic table in the park. It was perfect, on one side of the table there was a playground and on the other side, the trains. I'm not sure if Max ate much of his lunch, because he was simply too busy!

We sang Happy Birthday (again), he looked bewildered (again), and threw his cake (again). Max had 3 birthday cakes over the weekend and he didn't have a single bite of one. (Note: next year it'll be gruel and water)

By the time we'd finished lunch, Max was getting grouchy, so it was time to leave.

One last snuggle with Pa

Goodbye Thomas, you did a great job!

We were only a few minutes down the road, when I turned around and saw.....

Fast asleep, after having the perfect birthday celebration, I'd dreamed of. I'm now the proud 'owner' of a two year old and Birthday celebration version 2.0 was a success. Now, I've had a few words with him about growing up too quickly and he's assured me, he won't turn 3 until I'm ready. About 10 years outta do it.

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