Friday, 2 January 2015

Dear Silvie and Maxwell

A friend of mine writes a popular blog about her life with 2 small children. Every few months she writes a post in the form of a letter to each of her kids, telling them about their personalities (etc) at that exact point in time. I've always loved reading those posts and have been telling myself that I should do the same thing. Now that I have 2 children, I feel it's even more paramount that I capture these things. Silvie is changing every day and I'm starting to see glimpses of her personality. I fear I'll forget these moments, if I don't write them down.

Silvie Lena
You are nearly 10 weeks old. Last night I looked at the photos from the day you were born and I was staggered by how much you've changed already. You were born with lots of thick brown hair and I thought you were absolutely beautiful. Looking back, you actually looked like an angry, red potato.

You LOVE to sleep but you're totally unpredictable. Sometimes you nap for 4+ hours during the day, sometimes it's 40 minutes. Some days, this totally does my head in. I wish I could predict how long you were going to sleep for because this seems to make or break our day. You don't like being awake much longer than an hour, you end up overtired ALL the time and then it's impossible to get you to sleep. I don't know how many hours I've spent patting your back and stroking your hair (I'm actually doing it right now).

You spent most of your first 6 weeks either in my arms or strapped to my chest in a baby carrier. You almost always woke up if I tried to put you down. You even spent overnight in my arms, because you slept so well that way and I was so desperate to sleep. I knew I had to change things, when it started taking me hours to resettle you, if I put you down for even a few minutes. This is still a work in progress. Admittedly, I still resort to holding you at 2am if you're unsettled. Because you know. 2am.

You absolutely love your Mumma and days can go by where you won't let anyone else near you. Sometimes I find this overwhelming, but I know this time passes too quickly, so I really try to make the most of it.

You've introduced me to 'arsenic hour', though I suspect 'arsenic hour' was named by the same genius who coined 'morning sickness'. I now know, that every afternoon/evening, you will completely lose your shiz somewhere between 3pm and 10pm. It doesn't seem to matter whether you've had a busy day, or a quiet one, it just happens. I'm trying to accept that this is going to happen no matter what I do. But I really can't wait for this stage to pass.
(You're currently 2 hours into arsenic hour right now. Please go to sleep)

Maxwell Hendrix

You are 3 years and 9 months old. You have significant language delays but irrespective of this, YOU NEVER STOP TALKING. If I could compare you to a movie character, you'd be 'Donkey' from Shrek. You ALWAYS have something to say. Lately, you've also started singing a lot but you muddle up your songs and create 'Max Medleys'. Today, I listened to you in the car as you sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', which soon became 'The Wheels on the Bus', which somehow morphed into 'Frosty the Snowman' (and I'm sure I heard a Pirate song in there somewhere). You make me laugh so much.

You absolutely will not play by yourself. You follow me everywhere around the house saying "You come play with me?". I love playing with you, even though you are utterly exhausting! You actually don't care who plays with you, you approach every person you meet. Strangers at the park, people in the supermarket, pretty much anyone who makes eye contact with you. You are NOT shy. You're the life of every social gathering. You love to make people laugh.

You also enjoy making people angry. It's incredibly frustrating to live with this sometimes. You love to illicit a reaction and you really don't care if it's a negative one. After Silvie was born, you were completely out of control for awhile. I fully expected this to happen, but that didn't make it any easier. You smashed up the house nearly every day, you laughed maniacally when you saw how much it bothered me, you chanted "cry Mumma, CRY!" and you laughed even harder if I did. I NEVER want to relive that time again.

Lately, I've seen a beautiful change in you. You're trying so hard to use your 'listening ears' and your 'noggin' (aka, your brain). Sometimes I see you stop and think before you do something silly. Even though you often choose the less than desirable behaviour, I'm so pleased to see you trying. You have a keen interest in so many things- trains, cars, motorbikes, gardening, cooking, swimming, music, animals. I love watching you trying to make sense of the world.

Welcome to the year 2015 Maxwell and Silvie, I'm so excited you chose me to be your Mumma. I can't wait to spend this new year with you both xxxx

Sweet dreams.

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