Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another day, another saga- The MRI fiasco

Earlier this week Max had to go into the hospital for another MRI scan. I was hoping that the day would be uneventful but knowing my son I was wary. Max had to fast for 4 hours before the procedure. Have u ever tried to fast a baby? It's no fun that's for sure. To make things even more challenging we had to try and stop him from napping as well! By the time he was called in to the waiting bay he was hungry, tired and very ratty. After last weeks fiasco in day procedures I was relieved when they told me that that they were sedating him with oral medication and didn't need any IV access. The medicine was so minty flavored and horrid that it took Max's breath away. He looked at me with those pleading eyes again and screamed while the nurse slowly dribbled it into his mouth. He screamed for a while longer but then fell asleep in my arms. He looked so beautiful and peaceful but he suddenly sounded gurgly. When the nurses noticed, they were worried that he'd breathed some of the medication into his lungs. A minor fiasco followed and they called in an anaethetist who stuck a tube down his throat and suctioned out the offending medication. I wonder if the nurses actually thought that saying "this never happens" to me would be reassuring (it wasn't). After he had been suctioned, the gurgling stopped and he was taken away for the scan. He returned shortly afterwards having woken up screaming shortly after the scan started. That's my son. Hates daytime naps and doesn't bloody sleep longer then 20 minutes even with heavy sedation on board. After all of that, we have to go back again to re-attempt the scan but this time under general anesthetic. I always try and find the positives in these situations. In this instance, the anesthetist was a spunk ;-)

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