Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Our first week at home

Being in hospital was easy in some regards. I didn't have to do any housework, Max's bottles were made up by the kitchen and every day Rob would do all the errands. This left me free to focus my attention 100% on Max. Things were a little tougher at home, particularly with the amount of unpacking and reorganizing we had to do. Thankfully my parents and sister Tara came over the next day to help.
Our first week at home we had to go to the hospital three times anyway. Twice for blood tests- which were both 'normal' (for Max) and the third was for him to have his final dose of the IV treatment 'Rituximab'. This was booked in as a day procedure and we'd anticipated it was take 5 or 6 hours. What I hadn't anticipated was tripping over his IV line and dislodging the infusion when it only had an hour left to go. It took another three hours and over 8 attempts (I lost count) to get another IV line in. He was so brave and let them jab him a few times without shedding a tear. But it eventually got too much for him and he screamed and screamed. I felt terrible that I'd been the one to dislodge the drip in the first place. At one stage he looked at me, his eyes pleading me to make it stop. His veins were so bad they contemplated using a vein in his head but thankfully those veins were crap too. Finally they got a line in a tiny little vein in his wrist. For the last hour of the infusion a nurse had to hold his wrist steady because the line was so fragile. We were the last people to leave day procedures that day.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!

    ... Heartbreaking :(

    I hope there's no more of them!