Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Home at last

It took another week until Max could finally go home. First his platelets dropped, then his blood pressure, then his platelets dropped again and then his haemoglobin. It was a frustrating week though in some ways I was glad for the delay because by the time he was able to go home I was ready. By the time we took him home he was off most of his medication, this was a relief because I was nervous about preparing his complicated regime of pills and syrups. On Saturday the 16th of July we finally walked out the doors of RCH after a 6 and a half week admission. It was more overwhelming then I anticipated and I cried with happiness as we walked down the road. Walking through the front door at home I had memories of that day when we first bought him home from hospital. This time though it was much better an FAR less scary. The first night at home Rob and I doted on him like he was some sort of lord. We sat either side of him on the couch and drove him nuts with our overzealous declarations of love. It still makes me giggle when I remember how over the top we were. Max had a few episodes of inconsolable crying for the first 2 days we were home. I think he was overstimulated and a tad confused. On our first night at home I was keen for him to sleep in his new cot but I couldn't resist putting him in bed with me. Waking up the next morning and seeing his beautiful face was one of the best moments of my life.

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