Saturday, 24 September 2011

Don't mess with the bedtime routine

Yesterday was Max's half birthday. In my head, I had imagined it being a beautiful day. It wasn't. The day before was a beautiful day with lots of smiles, giggles and successful naptimes. The day before was so successful that I got cocky. I took Max to the community radio station with me whilst I did my drive show. It was a busy but fun afternoon. Imagine doing a traffic report whilst trying to entertain a 6 month old. It went something like this "Outbound on the ring road the traffic is.....Max stop pulling off my headphones....heavy as usual.....get your finger out of my nose.....meanwhile on the Eastern Freeway.....don't eat the microphone...." (and so on and so forth). But he enjoyed it, so I did too.

By the time we got home it was 6:45pm. He normally goes to bed at that time so I didn't think he'd have any problems sleeping. Wrong. The night went something like this......
7pm- finish bottle, has medication, daddy puts him to sleep
730pm- Max wakes up. Mummy cannot get him back to sleep so reads some stories.
8pm- Mummy desperately plays every relaxation track on YouTube to get him to sleep
845pm- Max is finally asleep
1130pm- Max is awake again. Mummy gives him a bottle and change his nappy.
1144pm- Max doesn't want to sleep. Max wants to practice putting the dummy in his mouth and pulling it out again.
1230pm- Max is finally asleep again. Mummy goes to the loo cos by then she's busting.
1232pm- Max is awake again. Mummy contemplates selling him on eBay.
1243pm- Max is asleep again.
214am- Max is awake again, blowing raspberries.
216am- Mummy tries to give Max a bottle. Max isn't hungry. Nappy change.
245am- Max is still awake. Mummy gives up and calls in daddy.
3am- Max is asleep again
445am- Max is awake again
5am- Max is asleep again
530am- Max is awake again. Mummy and Daddy concede defeat and make coffee.

So everyone was a little bit fed up on Thursday, including Max who was a low-medium grade of feral all day. That afternoon he flaked out before 5pm and slept normally. He isn't sleeping through the night yet, but I can handle the 4-6hour nappy/bottle/sleep thing.

I will never mess with the nighttime routine ever again

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  1. Faith, just doing my usual catch up on the recent blog entries and loving reading your updates of Max recently. From one mum to another I think you are just amazing and so natural when it comes to responding to the changing needs/routine etc of your little man. I tell you it took me AGES to feel like I could just 'go with it'. I totally loved your post 'Max is 6 months old this week' and easy going you are. What a lucky little 6 month old you have to have a mummy like you :) xx

  2. I actually laughed out loud re: contemplating selling him on eBay.

    You know, I was going to say something basically exactly what Bec said above, so now it's just going to be, 'what she said'.

    I love your maternal touch, I honestly do.

    And he REALLY is lucky to have you xx