Saturday, 3 September 2011

Max falls in love with his private physio

A few days ago we had our first session with the private physiotherapist. Jess works at 'SPOT for kids' a program which specializes in children with an Acquired Brain Injury. The main office for SPOT is about an hour from where we live so thankfully they offer home visits. It costs a little bit more but well worth it to avoid a 2 hour round trip. I'm working an extra shift each week to cover the cost (man is sucks being the breadwinner sometimes!)

Jess was due to come around at 11am. Max woke up from his morning nap in a dead set filthy prat of a mood. Everything I did made him grouchier and grouchier. So I tried to put him back down for some extra sleep- apparently this was hilarious because he grinned at me from behind his dummy (cheeky little sod). I was beginning to suspect that it was going to be a disaster.

Me and Mr Grumbles met her at the door and it was love at first sight. From the moment Max saw her, he giggled like a school girl meeting Justin Beiber. He laughed at everything she said, he squealed with delight during stretches and he lasted 50 minutes of the one hour session (thank you god). He flirted so outrageously it would've almost made me sick if it wasn't so darn cute. Max only rolls over from tummy to back occasionally but when Jess was there he rolled over time and time again like a trained puppy. It was fabulous.

The best part of all was having a full hour that wasn't rushed, with someone experienced in pediatric hemiplegia. I learnt more in that hour then I did the whole time we were in hospital. (Don't get me wrong, the hospital staff are wonderful but there are more constraints in the public system).

The day after the session, Jess emailed me a list of exercises to do with Max over the next few weeks. We have lots of exercises and stretches designed to help him strengthen his right arm and help him in meeting his developmental milestones. This week we will be meeting with the Occupational Therapist from SPOT and I'm quietly confident that she will be just as great. Eventually it might become too confusing having so many therapists but for now it's reassuring. Finally I feel like I have some control over how often he gets seen, rather then having to beg like a munchausens mother.

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  1. This is amazing!

    And a taste of things to come!

    I'm so happy for him :)