Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Innocuous Red Spot

A few days ago Max had a Haematology appointment. I worked night shift the night before and didn't sleep before we went to the appointment. Usually the haematology appointments are fairly straightforward and we don't have to wait too long. But on this particular day, our regular haem was off sick so there was only one doctor on. "I'm sorry Miss Valentine, but there's a bit of a wait today". "yes, that's fine...."

So....we waited. And, as usual me singing playschool's favorite hits was the only thing that kept him happy. I actually started nodding off at one point.

Eventually there was only us and one other family in the waiting room. We'd been waiting a few hours, it was getting so late that the receptionist was packing up for the day. This was to become the fourth time that we would be left waiting so long that the receptionist had gone home (not that I'm keeping count or anything....)

The other mummy in the waiting room approached the receptionist and complained. The receptionist informed her that we had arrived before her so we would be seen first (woohoo!!). The lady continued complaining that they were only late because her son had required blood tests beforehand. I wanted to call out "big frigging deal woman, if we have blood tests before an appointment then we arrive earlier" (but I didn't). Instead I sat there nodding off with a well and truly pissed off expression on my face. If the wind had changed, I would been stuck forever looking like an Orc. I fantasized about what which orrifice I wanted to shove her stilettos up.

Whilst we were waiting, I had noticed a small purplish, red spot on Max's head. It looked a little bit Petechial but a little bit not. So when we finally saw the haematologist (Dr Anthea), I showed her. She wasn't sure either but recommended that we come back in the morning and have a blood test. I adore this particular hematologist, she explained to us the results of some previous blood tests and gave him a thorough examination.

We were finally walking out the front door of the hospital when my phone rang. It was Dr Anthea, "um....I've been thinking and since Max has a history of being complicated, let's just get that blood test done now. Can you guys go around to the emergency department?". "yes, that's fine....".

When we got to the ED, the triage nurse greeted us with "you must be the Valentines, come through and we'll do the bloods quickly. Dr Anthea has just called and explained the situation". (I love Dr Anthea!!)

So the bloods were done and his platelets are great! Thankfully it's just an innocuous red spot. Max and I slept well that night.

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