Sunday, 18 September 2011

Some beautiful photos

I really hope this works! Since my computer has been kaput this week, I've downloaded an 'ap' to write this blog and add photo's. I've managed to get some beautiful photos of him lately, despite the fact that he has been in a feral mood all week. Behold....

We're trying to get him weightbearing more on his right arm, to strengthen it more.

I've bought him a 'mirror box' to use in physiotherapy when he gets older. For now though, he enjoys looking at the other gorgeous baby in the room.

This is Max with our private physio Jess. I think this photo shows how wonderful Jess is. She is so sweet with him and he absolutely adores her. We are only doing structured physio with him 2 (sometimes 3) times a day now and are seeing fabulous results because the program she has put together is so comprehensive.

We had a horrid day on Thursday. Max's second tooth is cutting through and he was cranky, cranky, cranky! To make things worse, we had to spend a few hours at RCH getting blood tests and seeing his neurologist. This picture was taken just before he had lunch and it was (what felt like) the only time he was happy all day! I love how small he looks in the highchair.

One of our new physio exercises is to have Max to sit up by himself and allow him to fall. This will help him learn a whole heap of wonderful things but the thought of letting him topple over terrifies me. So, we practice this one on my bed where it's nice and cushy.



Gone! (yes, this is actually how he landed- cheeky sod)

Some good news from this week is that we have been given the go-ahead from our neurologist to start weaning him off his anti-seizure medication. Hopefully in a months time he will be medication free. It does scare me a little bit though. I never want to see him have seizures again but also know that we'll cope ok if it happens.

Lastly I want to finish with my favorite picture of the week. A photo that I call 'Brave Nana'- cos who doesn't think that a babies bum is cute?

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  1. These photos are ADORABLE!!!!

    What a beautiful start to my Sunday morning!

    The going going gone ones made me smile, but not as much as the cheeky bum shot. My god, I can't tell you how many times I squish my Max's bum till it goes all squishy and cellulite-y.

    Adorable! xx