Monday, 27 February 2012

Another Crazy Week for 'Team Max'

It's been a pretty crazy week, for team Max. We had an interview with the Herald Sun and a photoshoot, but we got trumped by Kevin and Jules, so the article is yet to be published. I struggled with the photoshoot, because I was instructed to do an ├íngry face', the very same cliched expression that I was adament, I wouldn't do. I probably looked something like this-

I also had a post, published on Mia Freedmans webpage Since our story was posted, the signatures on our petition jumped from 300ish to 1500+. It's so humbling to know that people support our cause, but sad that so many people have encountered the same problem. Today, I spoke again with a Legal Rep from Social Security Rights Victoria. After reading through our medical reports, she was astounded that we weren't entitled to more assistance.

I realise that even if I am successful in this campaign, it will be too late for us to benefit. But, that's cool, because the bigger issue here is that no one should have to fight so hard. I was so naive when we initially applied for Carer Payments, I thought that my child sustaining permanent damage to half his brain, would qualify us. To date, no one has been able to give me an example of an infant with 'intense needs'.

I want to put all beurocratic issues aside for a moment, because something really exciting happened last week.....MAX CRAWLED FOR THE FIRST TIME! This is a massive achievement for a baby with Hemiplegia. He has been so close, for so long, but he would get into crawling position and forget that he has a right arm. I've had OT's jamming crawling exercises down my throat for months, I finally snapped a few weeks ago and told them to back off. Paradoxically, since we eased up on the crawling business, he was more eager to try it himself. Crawling is pretty uncommon in a 'hemi-baby', the majority commando crawl or bum shuffle. Crawling is fabulous for his arm strength and shoulder stability. Every time he crawls, I am the happiest mumma on earth.

Before I finish this post, I need to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our campaign. An extra special thank you to Julie and Belinda for writing lots of emails to politicians and the media. Another huge thank you to Max's godmother Jax, for letting me use her old computer- it is SO much easier than using my iphone. THANK YOU to everyone who has signed and shared our petition

And thank you to Max. You are my universe.

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  1. So excited by the best news of all in the midst of this... Yay Max for crawling!!!