Thursday, 16 February 2012

Do Politicians only care at election time?

I'm discovering that it's pretty hard to get the attention of a politician. I know they're busy people, but I kinda thought a local MP would have a bit more time, than say, the Prime Minister.

I emailed my letter to Kelvin Thomson, our local MP. I got an automated reply straight back, telling me how busy Mr Thomson is and that he only replied to people is his electorate. Damn! I didn't put my address on the first email. (note: how's about you provide these instructions BEFORE people send you an email, perhaps AFTER we've clicked the button on your webpage that says 'email me'). So, I resent the email.

I've also become friends with Mr Thomson on Facebook. I've written on his wall every day this week but he doesn't acknowledge me. Apparently, his Facebook page only exists as a means of promoting himself and not to communicate with the people who elected him.

I know you're probably thinking, I'm silly to expect a response so quickly and you'd be right. But, I've been fighting this issue since last August and I'm sick of being patient. It takes Centrelink 6 weeks to process every application, it takes doctors several weeks to write supporting reports and the appeal took 3 months because Centrelink stuffed up the paperwork.

I don't know exactly how I'm going to get Mr Thomson's attention but I'll think of something. Here is his email address, if anyone has time to write to him, I'd really appreciate it

Mr Thomson, earlier this week, our power almost got disconnected. You WILL listen, because I'm about to get a whole lot louder.

If you haven't yet signed our petition, please go to the top of this page (but below the header) and click on the link 'Babies have Special Needs Too'.
Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far ;-)

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  1. I suggest you also write to a couple of politicians with a bit more clout. Try

    Jenny Macklin, Minister for Disability Reform
    Tanya Plibersek, Minister for Health

    See following for addresses:

    Don't forget the opposition with shadow portfolios.

    I work for government, and a local member is not really going to be able to do much for you, other than refer your letter on to one of the abovementioned Ministers. And yep, it is going to take ages, because for every Minister there are dozens of lackies behind the scenes who review letters such as yours, draft responses for the Minister to sign, but in doing so they have to consult with their counterparts elsewheres across government, then they need their manager, managers manager, departmental Secretary, etc to approve any advice to a Minister before it even gets there. It can take months to get a response.

    My advice, go to the press. It'll be quicker. Find out who writes health columns in the Herald Sun, Age, Australian etc and send them your story. And contact Today Tonight and other shit current affairs shows because despite being crap any story they feature tends to get the attention of the Government.

  2. PS: Can I also suggest removing any profanities from letters to pollies. Will just get their backs up, rather than endearing you to them.