Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This is what it's all about

I just wanted to pause for a moment, and share with you, some recent photos of Max. We've been doing lots of fun stuff lately, so I thought I'd do a picture post for fun. Behold, my son, the clown....

Learning to clap, he thinks it's hilarious!

I think this was actually the precise moment, he realized he could pull himself to stand in the bath. He also thinks this is hilarious.

This is what Max thinks of banks and their interest rates.

Apparently, this is how we watch 'In The Night Garden'.

Crawling practice in his sleep. He literally 'sleep crawls' and eventually wakes up cranky and confused.

Max's first trombone lesson.

Hangin' out with his best bud, it's another baby Max!

Max loved playing in big Max's swing!

Picking flowers with his Nana (quote "this is Nana's favorite flower.......and there goes Nana's favorite flower.....don't eat Nana's flower...")

Playing on the swings at the park

Sitting in the tunnel, I suspect he's eating something....goodness knows what!

Take my eyes off him for 2 seconds, to take a photo and he finds a stick to eat.

Because baby feet are cute.

Helping mummy at the supermarket

God I love you Max xxx

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  1. Great photos to start the day with a smile :-)

  2. Such a beautiful baby. (Laughed hysterically at his bare bum on the bank!)