Sunday, 19 February 2012

An update

Babies have Special Needs Too

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has signed and shared our 'Babies have Special Needs too' petition. I've posted the link above, if you haven't signed yet, please do!! No one will listen to one crazy mummy on her own. A very special thank you to the people who have gone out of their way, to email politicians or the media and those who've given me lots of political advice (you know who you are).

I'm happy to report that I received an email from the office of Kelvin Thomson MP and he will be making representations of our behalf to Jenny Macklin MP- Federal Minister for Disability Reform. Progress!!

I have emailed Ms Macklin ( already but I need to be persistent and I need to keep the momentum going. The biggest problem I have with this, is a lack of technology. I only have an iPhone and no finances to obtain a computer anytime soon. All this blogging and emailing is leaving me with a pretty nasty case of RSI. My thumb is cramping and there are shooting pains down my wrist as I slowly type this. For this reason, I'm having trouble following up on the ideas that people are suggesting and I'm not sending half as many emails as I'd like.

I am extremely appreciative of people sending emails on our behalf.
I'm humbled beyond words and I thank everyone, who is helping me get the message out there that babies have special needs too.

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