Monday, 20 June 2011

2nd of June, 2011- The early morning

I'm trying to remember the events of this day as accurately as i can but it's nearly 3 weeks later and a bit of a blur....
This morning Max woke at 6am (normal) but fell asleep halfway thru his bottle (not that abnormal). He slept on and off until half 8 and was grisly in between. I figured by this stage that he wasn't quite right so I quickly showered and dressed and planned to take him to a doctor after we'd dropped his daddy off at work. At this stage I still didn't think that anything was majorly wrong with him, just a case of baby flu perhaps that perhaps needed some antibiotics. He had no temperature and a part from being a bit more grisly, he was his normal self. I decided to give him a bath to help him relax and it was then I noticed that the red spots were worse and he was paler then usual. I tried to ring his maternal child health nurse 14 times and they weren't there. I tried to ring the national maternal child health line and got put on hold. During this time Max's daddy (Rob) prepared his bottle and got him ready for his feed. When Max fell asleep despite being due for a feed I knew something was wrong. In hindsight I should have realized sooner but the symptoms were so mild and so damn subtle. He was only 'a little bit off' and how often do babies have days like that?? I decided at that point to take him into the Childrens hospital. At that stage I thought I was being a bit paranoid but by the time we got there he was struggling to breathe.

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