Monday, 20 June 2011

2nd of June- CT scan and ICU

I called Rob who I'd only just dropped off at work. When he got to the hospital he was shocked to see Max had deteriorated in such a short space of time. "OMG, is that our kid?", I remember him saying. Max's blood results came back and his red/white cells and platelets were very low. They took him for a CT scan of his brain on the way to ICU. They told us that it would take an hour or so to get him set up in ICU and we wouldn't be able to stay with him at that time. We told the doctor that we were quickly popping downstairs to grab a coffee and he shook his head and said "no, I'd like you to stay. We need to talk". My heart sank when he said that. I knew something was majorly wrong and I knew they'd picked up something during that CT scan. Funnily enough I was well and truly numbed by this point and somehow managed to stay sane during the hour and a half it took the doctors to come back and tell us the news. Max had suffered a major stroke in the left side of his brain.

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