Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday 30th June- Happy Anniversary

We've been here at the hospital exactly 4 weeks today. On the day that I drove him here I never expected that we'd still be here a month later. I thought we'd hang around the ED for hours and then get sent home with some anti-biotics or something. When the doctor in the ED told me that he'd be in "at least overnight" I thought they'd made a mistake. I think back to that day and still struggle to put it in words- I've sat here for ages writing a few sentences and then deleting them again because no words can sum it up. Sometimes George Clooney pops up in my memory because it felt so much like I was watching an episode of ER.
It's all been good news here this week. Max is responding to the new treatment and he hasn't had a blood transfusion since Saturday! He isn't attached to an IV pole anymore so I can finally take him for little walks around the hospital. The other day my sister bought in a stroller, we rigged up his IV and took him downstairs to the park. It was so amazing to take him outside. I'm not sure he appreciated the moment but I sure did. Yesterday his blood pressure was NORMAL after weeks of being obscenely high. It's like he's decided that he's had enough and wants to go home.
I love that Max gives hope to other people. There's another mummy here who can't believe how sick he was when I showed her a photo of him in ICU. Now he's babbling, laughing, grinning and playing like a 'normal baby'. All things that I was so scared I wouldn't see again. Fingers crossed that the news stays positive.


  1. How great to hear that news Faith! Keep at it! x

  2. I'm looking forward to the day he pops back in for a visit at the radio station.