Friday, 24 June 2011

So how are you coping?

"so how are you coping mum.....?"
"I'm not your mum, I'm his mum, I'm fine and if one more person asks me that question I'll scream." I never actually answered that way but lordy I've been tempted. I know that people mean well and they're trying to be supportive but enough already!! I suppose that in reality, there was no 'right' thing to say and it didn't take a lot to cheese me off at the time. I just wanted people to talk to me like they normally would. Normality was what I craved, not sympathy. One of the most frustrating things was always feeling like I was on show. I often heard the doctors whispering "how is mum coping?" to Maxs nurse and if I ever displayed emotion you could guarantee that a social worker would be sent in later that day. At home you can get a bit snappy and nobody cares. In hospital somebody always noticed.

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