Sunday, 19 June 2011

Max's first 10 weeks at home

Max loved to eat. He lived for his bottles and always let the whole world know when he was hungry. He didn't sleep well during the day, only 20 minutes at a time. This was a bit frustrating but he quickly settled into a good nighttime routine so I couldn't complain! Frustratingly, he slept beautifully when my mother looked after him and made me feel a bit inept! He loved his cuddles and was a total mummys boy! I don't know how many hours we spent cuddling on the couch watching crappy daytime TV! I never put him down for long so we were very close. He was my best bud and my entire world. During this time, I spent a lot of time playing on my phone. Sometimes it was Facebook and other times I googled everything about babies that I could think of. I wanted to be the best mummy I could, so I looked up EVERYTHING! Max reached most of his developmental milestones early and gained weight perfectly. He was the healthiest and happiest little boy.....He was my little fatty ;-)

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