Monday, 20 June 2011

ICU- Seizures

The nurse in charge of ICU arranged a room for us to stay in at the hospital. We were allowed to sit with Max whenever we liked but we weren't allowed to sleep next to his bed. That night I wanted to stay with Max all night but the nurses kept reminding me that there was nothing I could do since he was heavily medicated and wouldn't wake up anyway. They kept telling that I'd need some sleep if I was going to cope with the onslaught of doctors the next day. I knew they were right but leaving Max and going upstairs to sleep was a horrible, empty feeling. I felt so guilty. Suprisingly I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I didn't sleep well, but I slept enough.
When Max was in the ED the doctors noticed that he had a twitch. The next day, he was twitching non stop on his right side. No one knew if he was having seizures or if it was just an innocent twitch. The doctors commenced him on anti-seizure medications just in case. Later that afternoon as the twitching got worse he had an EEG. I giggled at him, looking like a spaghetti head as he peacefully slept in his morphine tainted daze. After the EEG, he went for an MRI scan. The nurses were hopeful that he could be removed from his ventilator when he got back. As Max was about to leave for the MRI he had a full seizure. There was no doubt anymore, it was real and it was horrible. When Max returned from his MRI the news wasn't good. The EEG had revealed that he was having seizures virtually non stop and this was putting added pressure on his brain. The anti seizure medication wasn't working so that night my baby boy was put in a medically induced coma.I read Max a story as the nurse injected the anaesthetic and I sang 'incy wincy spider' as his eyes closed. Later that night I went to the pub and I drank.

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