Thursday, 23 June 2011

Our first night in the Neuro ward

Even though Max was being fed by a tube that went straight into his tummy I wanted to be there with him overnight in case he woke up. I couldn't stand the thought of someone not being there to comfort him straight away if he cried. The nurse we had that night was fantastic and religiously gave him his pain medication regularly instead of waiting for him to be in pain. He slept so peacefully and only woke up a few times. I stroked his head and he'd quickly resettle. I however, didn't sleep so peacefully! The little boy with the fancy brain monitor cried for 5 hours straight. When he finally fell asleep, another baby cried. I nicknamed the other boy 'baby huff n puff' for his distinctly annoying huffy cry. Little huff n puffs mummy slept for (what seemed like) hours before she'd wake up and feed him. It wasn't long after he settled that the brain monitor boy started again. To say it was torture would be an understatement! At this stage, Max didn't have his usual cry back, his new cry was strange and foriegn to me. I never knew if it was him crying or one of the other kids so I slept lightly and woke up to every sound. By 4am, my little space cadet baby was wide awake. Although he was quiet, I didn't like him laying there and staring off to the left like a vegetable. So, it was at 4am on that Friday morning that I took a deep breath, summoned all my strength and started doing his physio exercises.

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