Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I am a hypocrite. I am a big, fat, baby spew covered hypocrite. I hesitated before writing this post because I feel a bit silly for what I am about to admit. But in the interest of keeping this blog as 'real' as possible, I am compelled to share.

I never wanted to be one of those parents who had their babies on a busy schedule of extra-curricular activities. I mean seriously? They're babies. They need lots of love, cuddles, stories and time with people who adore them. Oh, plus food, nappies, a roof over their heads, a dummy, maybe a few soft toys, blankets, nappy rash get the picture. But now I find myself becoming one of those parents. Hypocrite yes?

Since Max's stroke, I have learnt so much about brain development and neural plasticity. Infants brains are not 'hard wired', but rather, they form neural connections through their experiences. It is our hope, that Max's brain will wire itself around the damaged area and that his right brain will take over most of the functions of the left. But to learn, babies need to be stimulated and the medication Max is on makes him a bit spacey. If I leave him on his playgym, more often then not he will just stare at the window/TV/wall. I'm happy to let him do this occasionally just not all the time. So I interract with him, sing to him, pull faces, make funny noises, show him how to play with his toys, read, do physio exercises and whatever I can think of to get those neurons firing. We have a lot fun but it's also pretty exhausting. Have you ever tried to be jolly and educational from 6am to 7pm 7 days a week? This is why I'm looking into different activities for us to do together.

Through an old friend I have recently found out about the Shichida program. Shichida is basically 'Right brain education' and focuses on children between the ages of 0-6 years old. Here is a blurb from their website

"With over 35 years of experience in researching children’s behaviour, we are able to provide an innovative early childhood curriculum focusing on a right brain education approach. By focusing on right brain education, our early childhood resources facilitate and assist in connecting the right brain with the left-brain.  This creates a condition called ‘pole bridging’, where both left and right brains are well coordinated and fully function together. This method encourages comprehensive whole brain training for children."
The program aims to bring out 'the innate abilities of your child'. (Here is the link if you want to know more The image this conjures up is something like this.....

So, here's the thing. Normally this would sound like a load of fancy-schmancy, new fangled, bong smoking hippy shit. But I'm interested in learning more about the program for Max because he only really has a right-brain. It makes sense to me to do everything I can to help him develop the most awesome right-brain ever. (Though I'm not too sure about the 'pole bridging' concept in his case). Not only do I feel hypocritical but if I take him then I'll be stepping waaaaaay outside my comfort zone. The classes are held on the 'affluent side of town', where I imagine the parents probably hold down corporate jobs, wear tailored slacks and have children called 'Preston'. It'd be awkward, cringe-worthy and downright hilarious if you were a fly on the wall watching me in all my bogan glory trying to fit in.

Am I overthinking things?


  1. Preston? HAHAHA This made me giggle.

    This is your baby you are talking about. If that's what you need to do, do it. And you hold your 'bogan-in-all-your-glory' head up high. You don't need to fit in, you're not there for the mummies of Preston, you're there for Max. I am absolutely sure he loves and will accept you even among the slacks.

    DO IT!

    ps...I am sure just reading about this takes you out of your comfort zone, it's not that bad is it?

  2. You're right. Actually writing it and re-reading this post helped me decide that I will do whatever Max needs regardless of how out of place I feel. Peggy I've tried commenting on your blog a few times but something won't let me! But I wanted to say that I am grateful for blogging too ;-)