Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'll leave it to the experts

In my last few weeks of pregnancy I developed a strange obsession with soap. Yes....soap. This hasn't gone away since Max was born and if anything, it has gotten worse. I love everything about soap. I sneak into the soap section at the supermarket and sniff my favourite brands. When I'm not reading about baby brain development and physiotherapy ideas I'm reading about how to make soap. I like looking at pictures of soap that people have made and imagining how it smells. Soap is my porn.

My sister (the one who inherited all the creative genes) had some soap making kits and we thought we'd have a go at making some. Behold the wonder of my handmade soaps......

This was meant to be 'duck on a pond' but the blue turned out yellow and the duck sank. It looks like duck drowning in the urine of someone with liver failure (thanks Kylie)
I thought the colouring had a drip top lid. It didn't. It's meant to be a pale lavender colour but it looks like pond scum.

Oatmeal Soap- the oatmeal all sank to the bottom of the bowl so this one bar of soap contains 99% oats

This kinda worked

Are you blown away by my talent?
I think I'll leave it to the experts.


  1. I LOVE the drowning duck!! Has this exacerbated your obsession with soap or lessened it?

  2. It's made me appreciate the talents of those who do it even more ;-)

  3. Faith, you're a funny funny woman. Do you know that?! Thanks for making me laugh out loud, not just typing it. Big difference!

    Enjoy the in charge shift tonight xx

  4. drowning duck in urine... hilarious! laughed so hard i cried!