Sunday, 21 August 2011

This week I am grateful for.....awkward family photos

A few of my friends in the blogosphere dedicate a blog every week to the things they are grateful for. It's a nice concept and reminds me of all the things that I am grateful for. I thought I'd dedicate my first 'Gratitude Saturday' to one of my favourite websites ''. It is downright thigh slappingly hilarious and actually makes me laugh out loud. When Max was in hospital, Rob stayed with him most nights, whilst I went to our room at the hospital and slept. Every morning I woke up at 530am and went straight to see Max. And every morning when I woke up and checked facebook, there was my daily awkward family photo. And (almost) every morning it made me laugh. With so much chaos and stress going on in my life, I am so grateful that I still have my sense of humour and I'm oh so grateful for
Let me share with you some images (most of the captions come from the website, I'm not that funny)

The plaid doesn't fall far from the tree
Some people are just far to obsessed with themself
It's amazing what dad can do when he sets his mind to it

Dad was just glad he was allowed to wear pants at all


Father of the year?

"When my father got remarried after my parents divorve my mother cut him out of all the family photos. Using scissors became too labour intensive so she switched to white out"

If he couldn't blow out the candles, his father was always there to back him up

The bunny didn't have time to dispose of the body

Thank you  for making me laugh when I needed to the most.

This is my first Maxabella Loves Gratitude Saturday


  1. Oh my...hilarious. Some mornings we just need that belly laugh.

  2. I love that site. It's cheers me up no end whenever I worry about how unphotogenic I am!! x