Friday, 12 August 2011

I will never be a masterchef

Lemme see if I got this right, you just put the spoon in your mouth.....
My Banana Rice Cereal
We all set unrealistically high demands of ourselves when we become mothers. In some part I blame TV. TV mummies have awesome figures, they have 2.3 immaculate children, their houses are clean, their cooking looks great and they manage to do it all with intermittent doses of razor sharp comedic timing. I'm not any of those things. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't cook, therefore I don't cook. I have no problems living off toast, noodles and packet soup. No problems at all, I've done it for years. But things around here have to change. Now that Max is having some solids (what's called 'an educational diet') it's time for me to start changing. I don't want to raise my baby on frozen dinners and takeaway. I just don't. My first attempt at mashed pumpkin wasn't too bad except my hand got tired mashing it so it stayed lumpy. I was deterred for awhile until I finally invested in a three tiered steamer and stick blender. Voila! Easy steamed veggies, perfectly mashed everytime. I even dabbled in something a bit different yesterday, 'Banana rice cereal'. I was pretty pleased with myself when Max happily gobbled down the whole bowl. I was so pleased with myself I made it again for his dinner.....and his breakfast this morning. He's lucky that bananas are so expensive at the moment, otherwise he'd be eating it three times a day for the rest of his life. I'm sorry for not being a masterchef baby, I'll try and get better ;-)


  1. Faith! I've been following you and Max these past months, and can only praise you for your honesty, effort, integrity, and continual get up and go.
    What a change for you both - you should be proud of you and your sensational little battler Max!
    Now, your cooking up a storm for him at home! Congrats! talk about 110%
    Amelia (Trumpet MYSB!)

  2. Thanx Amelia, much appreciated xxx