Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Today we saw Max's last MRI......

Today we had an appointment with a Neurosurgeon at RCH. We routinely have reviews from the Neurosurgery team who are monitoring whether or not any surgical intervention is required to remove the blood from his brain (at this stage not required). We still haven't had the latest MRI after the most recent fiasco so the surgeon showed us the images from an older one. We haven't seen the images before, no one has offered and I haven't asked. I was expecting that the surgeon would have to point out the areas where the bleed had occured and I'd kinda nod and go 'hmmm' pretending I could see it. Well, he didn't have to point anything out. The damage was so bad that it even a blind person would've seen it. I knew it was bad. I'd been told it was bad. But I had never seen how bad it really was. The whole left hemisphere of his brain is.....fucked. Seeing it makes me so sad. I try and not focus on what he has lost but rather on what he can achieve but days like today hurt. My little boy never deserved this start to life.


  1. Oh faith ...

    I just feel sick.

    You're absolutely right, he didn't deserve this start, but he truly is SO so lucky to have a mother like you -- you really are amazing.


  2. Wow!

    My thoughts are with you!

  3. Hugs how confronting for you to see.

    He is very lucky lucky to have such a loving and caring mummy and family.

    Stay strong and focus on the positives he is achieving.