Monday, 15 August 2011

My name is Faith and I tend to go overboard

Strawberries peeled and steamed.
Faith goes overboard- Exhibit A

I'll be the first person to admit that when I have a good idea, I can go a bit overboard. This is especially true when it comes to my attitude to parenting. I never wanted to have children because I believe that parenthood is the hardest job in the world. It makes me angry when I see half-hearted parents who seem to have forgotten that they chose to bring life into the world. I never chose to get pregnant but once I decided to become a mother, I also decided that I'd always put in 110%. But sometimes I go a bit overboard. One time at the hospital, I took Max for a walk in his pram around the RCH garden. I like to stimulate all of his senses as much as I can, so I picked some flowers, let him smell them one-by-one and then I laid them on his chest so he could look at them. By the time Rob joined me, Max had fallen asleep. Rob pointed out that it looked like I was pushing a dead baby around the garden and distressing other families. Oops. Maybe a bit overboard.

Yesterday morning I was at the supermarket and I had (what I thought was) a brilliant  idea. Since Max is showing interest in holding his own bottle I decided to buy him a feeder cup. Only I couldn't decided which one to buy, so I bought 3.

Faith goes overboard
Exhibit B

When I got home from the shop, Max was due for a feed so I distributed his bottle between the three cups. I put the first cup in his hands and helped him guide it into his mouth. He almost choked. I'd put a ridiculous amount of thought into what sort of handles he needed but I hadn't thought about the fact that he's not at all accustomed to having fluid free poured down his throat.
Maybe not such a brilliant idea after all.
Believe it or not, the Strawberry Surprise turned out pretty good.


  1. You're a god damn superstar!

    New nickname for you? Rafferty.

    ... As in rafferty's garden ;)

    Supermum xx

  2. Lol Chez. But my new nickname should be 'baby bowel destroyer'. My banana rice cereal made him severely I gave him extra pears and he's now pooping up a storm! Can't seem to find the middle ground :(