Sunday, 21 August 2011

Things I would like to say but won't

Ok, so I appreciate the irony of the title of this post when I am indeed about to say things that I wouldn't normally say. What I mean is that "Things I would like to say to your face, but won't". I know that might make me sound a bit gutless and dishonest, but I don't like hurting peoples feelings and I don't have the energy to enrage anyone right now anyway. So I'm going to say it here instead. Because I hope that writing it down will make me feel a little less angry and a bit more tolerant.

  • To all those people who clog up facebook newsfeeds with their living, breathing misery... "Get over it, life ain't that bad"

  • To people who whinge when they are sick.... "Harden the fuck up" (that's if you're a man. If you're a mother with kids and you're sick then I send you big hugs)

  • To the tossers who hang around out the front of the shops near our house at 1am.... "Go home. Get a life. Not neccessarily in that order"

  • To my boyfriend...."Do I have to do everything around here?" and "Get that thing away from me"

  • To the patients I'm working with tonight....."You know why you can't sleep? Because you haven't even tried." and "If you need to set your alarm so that you can wake up and take your sleeping tablets then maybe you don't need sleeping tablets"

  • To the biggest knob I know....."You are a knob. In fact you're the knobbiest knob I know. The only reason I am still friends with you is because your knobbliness amuses me."

  • To the daddies who go out drinking with 'the boys' every weekend when they have a wife and kid/s "And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon...."

That feels much better.

Go on. Have a go. It feels nice and I know you want to.......:)


  1. Oh I am a BIG fan of letting it out. Most recently I even shared some of my long-standing opinions with some of my closest, I think some were shocked!

    Kudos to you, I bet you felt better. It is a fact that even writing that down without showing it to the person direct is therapeutic.

  2. P.S if they've set an alarm to get their sleeping pill, they'd get a big fat sugar section of the contraceptive pill from me.

    Those kind of people need a placebo!

  3. LOL...I could say a lot more...But I prefer the upfront approach....Oh...Um....Maybe that's why I don't have friends...Great way for you to vent Faith